What Toys Are Best For My Senior Dog?

Even though your dog may be older there is no reason why you can’t provide them with the kind of stimulation that every dog needs throughout their life. In my veterinary practice (as well as in my own home with 5 dogs), I am well aware of the benefits of stimulating senior dogs both physically and mentally as they grow older.

My Top Picks For Dog Toys

What Are The Best Types Of Toys For Older Dogs?

Dogs need to be stimulated both mentally and physically throughout their life. Like a human, when a dog is no longer interested in anything outside of their own food bowl, their life is much less than what it should be.

As such, there isn’t one specific toy that I recommend for any dog. Each dog will have their own preferences on what they life. The key is to find something that they enjoy and encourage them to play with it.

A Toy To Carry Around

Sometimes that means a tennis ball or a plushy toy that they hold in their mouth and carry around with them everywhere. This can be a sort of self-soothing behavior that some dogs exhibit. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the dog doesn’t get angry when you take it away from him/her.

My favorite plushy toys:

A Toy To Chew On

It could also mean a favorite chewing toy such as a rawhide or bully stick.

A Toy To Make Them Think

Some dogs like to engage in more difficult mental tasks. There are awesome newer toys meant for such dogs like a snuffle mat.

When Nothing Else Works

If your dog is still only interested in food, then use that food drive to find a toy that will interest your dog.

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