What Kind Of Dog Does Justin Fields Have?

Justin Fields is a very popular man in Chicago right now as the new quarterback for the Chicago Bears. In his introductory press conference, he spoke about how his dog helped him through some difficult times in college. As a lifelong Chicago Bears fan and a veterinarian, I was ecstatic to have Justin (clearly a dog lover which shows fantastic judgement) as our quarterback!

What kind of dog does Justin Fields have? He’s a French Bulldog named Uno!

Instagram Photos From UnoFields

How much does Justin love his dog? Check out the way he put together Uno’s Instagram profile:

It’s interesting that he chose to get a dog to help him through the isolation brought on by the Covid pandemic in 2020. With an impending move to the NFL, not many college football players would decide to get dogs due to the increased demands on their time at a point where all they are doing is preparing for the next level.

Uno Fields

In fact, when asked exactly how Uno impacted his life, Justin said “He’s definitely a big part of my life and he’s my best friend.”

French Bulldogs make wonderful additions to any family with their overall playfulness and gregarious character. I can see why Justin would choose one for his full-time friend.

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Justin seems like a special guy and not only because he clearly loves dogs! Best of luck in Chicago, Justin!