What Breed Has Won The Westminster Dog Show The Most?

Are you a fan of dog shows? Are you itching to try and bring your own beloved pet into competition? Do you and your friends find joy in betting on the most atypical of competitions to bet money on?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, chances are good that you have probably heard of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This one prestigious institution has been instrumental in pointing out the best of the best dogs. Provided below is is a breakdown of the ten most frequently-winning breeds according to the organization, with extra details for the leader of the pack. Notably, the first few entries on this list are all tied at 4 wins.

#10: Pekingese/Pekinese (Wins: 4)

This breed belongs to the “toy dog” category and was a favorite of Imperial China. The iconic characteristics of this breed mean that it has a variety of health concerns. The Pekingese’s many unique traits also make it quite attractive to breeders with an interest in creating hybrids.

#9: Smooth Fox Terrier (Wins: 4)

This breed is notable for being the first breed to ever be recognized by The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom. It is known for having an exceptional amount of energy, making it a poor choice for first-time dog owners. The massive amount of this particular breed is due to its use by hunters to catch small animals.

#8: Dobermann/Doberman Pinscher (Wins: 4)

This large breed of dog has existed since 1890. The most notable traits of this breed are its intelligence, loyalty and exceptional aptitude for service as a guard dog. According to the AKC, the ideal Doberman Pinscher has a body that is almost square.

#7: Boxer (Wins: 4)

If you want a dog that is capable of dealing with a threat and keeping you secure, the powerful build and jaws of the Boxer breed are for you. This particular breed is descended from a mixture of Old English Bulldog and the extinct breed known as the German Bulldog. The American Kennel Club regards this breed as part of the Working dog group.

#6: American Cocker Spaniel (Wins: 4)

This breed’s ancestor came aboard the Mayflower of the pilgrims. This breed is considered the smallest of the dogs in the Working dog group. The telltale characteristic of this particular dog breed would be the shape of its head.

#5: Airedale/Bingley/Waterside Terrier (Wins: 4)

This dog is notable for being the largest breed among the many varieties of Terrier. The Airedale was born in Yorkshire, England. It has seen service in professions include the military and police work.

#4: Standard Poodle (Wins: 5)

The Standard Poodle is the largest variety of this breed and it is actually well-suited to the water despite its fluffy styled coat. Despite its long-held connections to the nation of France, the poodle is actually German in origin. The fact that the Standard Poodle handles water so well is why it was a common companion of waterfowl hunters.

#3: English Springer Spaniel (Wins: 6)

This is a breed of “gun dog,” that is, the English Springer Spaniel was commonly employed to harass game out of hiding so that its master could land a hit on the game animal. They are also commonly used in scenarios where a keen nose is greatly prized. One notable yet rare issue that affect this breed is known as “rage syndrome,” a mental illness that mirrors many of the same symptoms as a rabies infection.

#2: Scottish/Aberdeen Terrier aka “the Scotty”(Wins: 8)

This is one of the five terrier breeds hailing from Scotland. Its particular combination of outer coat and undercoat mean that this dog can survive many harsh conditions without undue suffering; one Scottish noble nicknamed the Aberdeen “the diehard.”

#1: Wire Fox Terrier (Wins: 15!)

Two of this breed’s most notable traits are its intelligence and energy. This is a dog that can grow bored very easily and is smart enough to find its own ways of keeping entertained. The level of energy within such a relatively small breed comes from decades of being used to hunt various game animals, including wild boars, badgers and foxes.

In addition to being the overwhelming heavyweight when it comes to “Best in Show,” Matford Vic is a notable name among the breed. Matford Vic is the only Wire Fox Terrier to have won that specific title on multiple consecutive times, specifically the years 1915 and 1916.

How Is Best In Show Chosen?

The Westminster Dog Show seeks to highlight the best possible examples of canine kind. With over a century of prestige and history to its name, the organization has had plenty of time to narrow in on the platonic ideal of every possible breed. The winner of Best in Show will always be whichever dog is deemed closest to ideal for its breed.

The Westminster Kennel Club has been hosting shows to reveal the pinnacle of canine breeds as far back as 1877. The premise of this dog show is that it is a “benched show,” meaning every dog stays within its own little area. While it began as a show to highlight the best and brightest of gun dogs, like Setters and Pointers, it soon transitioned to a general dog show but the first few years featured an award of pearl-handled pistols to the various winners.

2021 marks the first year in the event’s history that it will not be held within New York City; the 2021 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will instead be hosted at Lyndhurst, also known as the Jay Gould Estate, in the city of Tarrytown, New York. The Kentucky Derby has some overlap with this particular show as both are animal-related events that have endured for more than a century and were even held during The Great Depression.