Rottweiler Dog Breed Full Profile Information, Temperament, Facts, Price, Training & Care

Rottweiler Dog Breed Full Profile Information

The Rottweiler dog is a large or medium to large domestic dog breed. In German, the breed is known as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which means Rottweiler butchers dogs. These are mainly bred to pull carts full of meat to markets and herd livestock. This breed is still working to herd stock in many places around the world. But the majority of them are now being used as guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs and as pets. These are believed to be the oldest herding dog breeds that have great guarding instincts and intelligence.

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Rottweiler Vital Stats:-

  • Common nicknames: Rott, Rottie
  • Origin: Germany
  • Male Weight: 50–60 kg (110–132 lb)
  • Female Weight: 35–48 kg (77–106 lb)
  • Male Height: 61–69 cm (24–27 in)
  • Female Height: 56–63 cm (22–25 in)
  • Coat: Double-coated, short, hard and thick
  • Colors: black and mahogany or Black and tan
  • Litter size: 8 to 12 puppies
  • Lifespan: 8–10 years

Rottweiler Temperament:-

Rottweilers are the earliest police dogs that provided their service to the military. These big dog breeds are perfect companions and can guard its family exceptionally well. They are true and strong dogs with a loving heart. As their ancestors worked as cart pullers, the heritage is clearly reflected in the Rottweiler’s muscled body and broad chest. There is lots of strength and stamina when he moves with their eyes full of warmth, intelligence, alertness and fearless expression. They are very confident and calm. Though they are aloof with new people or guests, they are never fearful or timid. They keenly observe when it is confronted with new people or situations in its daily life. 

They are very successful in military, police, protector, customs work and as a family friend. Protecting his family is its natural instinct and can be ferocious when he believes something to be a threat. It is really important to divert their protectiveness and power by getting it trained at a  very early age. It should be given regular work to burn its energy; otherwise, it ends up becoming a dangerous bully instead of guardians.

Facts of Rottweiler Dog

Facts of Rottweiler Dog

  • Rotties are large and powerful dogs that need extensive training and socialization from his early puppy hood.
  • If you have babies or kids at home. Then Rottweilers are not for you as they may bump and injure your children. Still, if you like to have at your home, your dog must be trained well to get along with your kids. They should be taught not to bump your kids and teach what acceptable behavior is and what is not. One must always supervise the dog when he is around the kids.
  • Be ready to face unfair advance judgments and untrue allegations from fearful people about him and his activities even though you got it trained very well.
  • Care is taken when you introduce other dogs to a Rottweiler. They can be very aggressive towards new dogs and dogs of the same sex. Train him to coexist with his new companions peacefully.
  • These big dog breeds are highly trainable and smart if you are consistent and confident about yourself.
  • Always be specific in whatever you ask a Rottweiler. Never ever leave any loopholes as they may exploit it by taking an advantage. They are smart dogs which test you whether you really mean what you say.
  • They shed heavily in fall and spring. And normally rest of the year.
  • Most of the Rotties snore when they sleep.


  • Puppy – Average $850-$1800 & Rs.18000 to 25000 in India
  • Dog – Average $$500-$2500

Rottweiler Dog care:-

  • Though they are generally a robust and hard breed, they are not immune to various health problems. Do proper research about the dog and the breeder before buying a Rottie puppy. Provide good dog care and nutrition to make sure it lives a happy and healthy life up to eleven years.
  • An obese Rottweiler is an unhealthy one. Overweight makes it prone to a wide range of health issues. So one has to provide it good nutrition along with plenty of exercises and works every day. They are not an ideal choice if you live in hot climates.
  • Some of the health conditions a Rottweiler faces are Other health problems associated with the Rottweiler are – hip dyspepsia, hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, osteoporosis dissects, gastric torsion (bloat), panosteitis, von Willebrand’s disease, eye disease like PRA and cataracts, allergies and various cancers.
  • Be sure of your fence if you are leaving your Rottie in your backyard as it may harm other animals or people if it escapes. Also, put up a beware sign to warn people about your big dog breeds presence.
  • Give your Rottweiler a fair amount of 4 to 10 cups of rich quality dry food every day. Ask your vet to help you with the amount of food based on its age, size, activity level and metabolism.
  • Brush your Rottie once a week with a firm bristles to remove loose or dead hair and distribute the skin oils all over her hair. Brush its teeth for 2-3 times every week and give a good shower once a week.
  • Always look inside their ears and mouth to check any sign of health conditions. Only good dog care gives them long life.

Rottweiler Dog Training

No other breed requires training as much as a Rottie does, because they may harm animals and people if left untrained. But a trained Rottweiler benefits you, your family and your community as well if there is a perfect dog care. Training is the best way to develop and strengthen a powerful bond between you and your dog and also helps to teach acceptable boundaries and guidelines for your dog to follow. Rottweilers are fast learners and obedience training provides them with a perfect job and outlet for their energy. One must start its training as early as possible. The obedience training must be short, consistent, challenging with regular usage of positive reinforcement. These big dog breeds do not like forceful training methods and harsh corrections. So train you Rottie with lots of love and respect.


1. Is a Rottweiler a good family dog?

  • Ans:- Yes, Its Loyal and Good Family dog.

2. Is the Rottweiler a dangerous dog?

  • Ans:- The Rottweiler is territorial and it is an extremely jealous animal. In its quest to protect its owner, it may inflict damage to other people.

3. Do rottweilers bark a lot?

  • Ans:- No

4. Which dog is more dangerous pitbull or rottweiler?

  • Ans:- Pitbull is more dangerous better than rottweiler

5. What do Rottweilers usually die from?

  • Ans:- Common Main Reason is Cancer

6. Are Rottweilers easy to train?

  • Ans:- Yes

7. Do Rottweilers live long?

  • Ans:- 8 – 10 Years

8. How much do female Rottweilers weigh?

  • Ans:- 35 and 48 kg (77 and 105 lbs)

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