Complete Guide To The Pomsky: Grooming, Personality, Exercise and More

The resulting dog from an internet meme, the Pomsky, has become an adorable and highly sought-after designer breed dog. This charming small dog combines a Husky with a Pomeranian, creating a spunky, intelligent, and playful pup. Although this little dog is quite the people-pleaser, it can be stubborn and is not recommended for a first-time dog owner.

As a veterinarian with over 20 years of experience, I can say that this is one of the most unique crosses of dogs that I’ve ever seen. They are adorable and I can see the draw for many pet owners.

How Big Does A Pomsky Get?

ToyUnder 10″ at the shoulderUp to 15 lbs
MiniUp to 14″ at the shoulder12-20 lbs
Standard14″-18″ at the shoulder20-35 lbs

What Do A Pomsky Look Like?

This breed of dog is a designer dog, and therefore, there are very few official standards as of yet for the adult size and appearance. Like the parent dogs, the Pomsky comes in several possible colors, including blue, white, brown, gray and white, reddish-brown, and many combinations of these possible combinations of these colors. Like Huskies, this dog will have patches of color, often featuring a dark mask around the face and blue or green eyes.  

What Is The Personality Of A Pomsky?

Often the comedian in the family, the Pomsky has a big personality and absolutely craves attention. This dog likes to play and get a laugh out of its owners, which can be too much energy for some people. They want to be close to their humans, so be sure to give your Pomsky plenty of attention. If this dog is left alone for long periods, the Pomsky may become destructive, acting out to gain attention.  

Although this dog is incredibly affectionate, it tends to attach itself to one family member in particular. This fact doesn’t mean the dog won’t like other family members but will just have one preferred friend in the home. The dog can be nervous and wary of strangers, so early socialization is vital.

While the dog is intelligent, its stubborn streak inherited from the Husky can make training difficult. Always be sure to use positive reinforcement, and keep training sessions short and interesting for the best result. Pomskys can be very food motivated.   

What Kind Of Grooming Does A Pomsky Need?

Like the parent dogs, the Pomsky has a very thick and fluffy coat that requires ongoing maintenance. The fur is a double coat, with a coarse topcoat and a downy undercoat. This dog is not for the faint of heart when it comes to tidiness.

Expect plenty of shedding, and be ready with the vacuum cleaner close at hand. The Pomsky shedding can be reduced with regular, daily brushing to remove loose and dead fur manually. Like all dogs, keep the nails trimmed short if they are not naturally worn down by walking on rough surfaces.  

How Much Exercise Does A Pomsky Need?

This little dog is adaptable and is happy to live in a large house or an apartment if the owner is willing to commit to regular exercise. This little dog only needs one long walk a day to stay happy. Although they have plenty of energy, a quick play session or game of fetch should be enough to keep this pup happy. A bored or not exercised dog can get yappy, which may annoy neighbors in an apartment complex.  

Remember that this is a very intelligent dog that also needs mental challenges. While these dogs are not keen on training and agility competitions, they are fond of solving puzzles. Pomskys love toys; the more, the better, and excel at solving puzzle toys. They need to stay engaged and mentally exercised to remain happy and healthy.  

What Is The Best Food For A Pomsky?

Most small kibble dry dog foods will be suitable for a PomskyThese little dogs have a pretty small mouth so large kibble will be a lot more difficult to chew.

Grain-free diets are a myth. Please do not feed your dog a grain-free diet unless there are specific food allergies that would benefit from a grain-free diet. Always consult your veterinarian before you decide to make any major diet changes.

Some good brands that I recommend include:

I usually tend to go with the bigger dog food companies because of the amount of time and money they have to research and test their products. They also have a stronger history of safe foods (very rarely will they have recalls) over the newer, more boutique-style dog foods.

It is important always to give your dog high-quality dog food. Monitor the number of treats and “people food” you give your dog to keep him healthy and fit. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is the best and easiest way to extend the life of your Pomsky. 

How Long Does A Pomsky Live?

13-15 years; the smaller the dog, the longer it will generally live

What Health Problems Can A Pomsky Have?

As little dogs, there are a few health issues that I would be on the look out for from a very early age. These include:

  • Dental Disease
  • Luxating Patellas

This is a breed that I would take outside with a harness and not a collar. Their necks are way too fragile to be tugged about by a collar.

Where Can I Find Out More About The Pomsky?

Pomsky Club of America

American Pomsky Kennel Club

International Pomsky Association

Where Can I Find a Pomsky?

Start with the Approved Breeder Listings from the Pomsky Club of America and the Approved Breeders from the American Pomsky Kennel Club.

A fun fact about the Pomsky is that every puppy is a result of artificial insemination due to the large size discrepancy between a Husky and Pomeranian. This process is costly, and many breeders will translate this cost into the price of their puppies. Expect to pay a significant amount to buy a Pomsky.  

Unfortunately, this is a very popular dog breed, and many unscrupulous breeders will breed these dogs simply to sell them at high prices. Always be wary of breeders that do not provide official health certifications or that will not allow you to meet the parents, other puppies, or breeding facilities.

Fun Facts About the Pomsky

  • Even though this is a very new breed of dog, the Pomsky was voted as one of the most popular dog breeds in 2017.  
  • This dog came to be as a result of a 2011 internet meme. The image showed a Finish Lapphund and claimed the dog was the mix of a Pomeranian and Husky. The result was a demand for this make-believe dog, which came into creation through scientific advances in canine artificial insemination.  
  • Although the name Pomsky is widely accepted within the dog community, many owners will refer to their dogs as “huskeranians.”
  • Because this dog is a cross between two purebred dogs, it cannot be officially registered as a new breed with the AKC. However, the Pomsky Club of America is working to define a standard for the breed as far as temperament and appearance are concerned, which is the first step to official recognition.  
  • Long-time animal lover and advocate, Sharon Osbourne is the proud owner of a pack of small dogs.  One of the small dogs in her pack is a Pomsky.