Complete Guide To Lakeland Terriers: Grooming, Exercise, Health and More

The Lakeland Terrier is a small, lively, and bold dog. Although small, this dog thinks he is a giant and has the willpower and dedication to back it up. Athletic, hardworking, and affectionate, the Lakeland Terrier makes an excellent working dog or family dog perfect for any family.  

How Big Do Lakeland Terriers Get?

Male14″ – 15″ at the shoulder17 lbs
Female13.5″ – 14.5″ at the shoulder15-16 lbs

What Do Lakeland Terriers Look Like?

The Lakie comes in many colors, and it’s possible to find this dog in liver, red, black, blue, or wheaten color. They may be a solid color or have a black saddle along their back. Usually, the dog becomes lighter as it ages, with puppies born a darker shade of their final coat color. These dogs have a harsh double coat, with the topcoat often wavy or wiry.  

What Is The Personality Of A Lakeland Terrier?

While the Lakeland Terrier is a small dog, it has the full belief and conviction that it is a large dog trapped in a small body. This dog has a proper terrier temperament and is athletic, active, and dedicated to any job it puts its mind to. This dog is incredibly smart, which means it will learn new behaviors and activities quickly. Be sure to keep training sessions short and exciting, though. If this dog experiences too much repetitive training, he will soon become bored and lose focus.  

Although traditionally used for hunting, this dog breed has found its way into families’ homes around the world. The dog is affectionate and loving and tends to do well with both adults and children. The dog loves to be involved with anything the family is doing and can make a good apartment dog if it receives enough daily exercise.  

How Much Grooming Do Lakeland Terriers Need?

One of the trademark characteristics of the Lakie is the beautiful, wavy coat. This dog has a thick double coat that consists of a coarse topcoat and a soft undercoat. To keep the coat in good shape, the fur must be stripped or hand-plucked periodically to remove the dead fur from the coat.

Clipping may be enough to keep this dog’s coat in good shape, but this will eventually cause the coat to lose some of its color and texture. Be sure to keep this dog brushed about once per week to help prevent knotting and matting. Like all dogs, you will want to keep the nails trimmed short, and the eyes and ears kept clean.  

How Much Exercise Does A Lakeland Terrier Need?

Even though the Lakeland Terrier is a small breed, it is certainly not a lap dog. This little dog will need plenty of exercise that consists of a long walk or a lively jog to keep him happy. This little yet active dog likes to adventure and needs plenty of room to roam and explore.

Not only will this keep him physically fit and busy, but it will exercise his mind too. Because this breed of dog is a terrier and very much has terrier instincts, always be sure to keep this dog on a long leash or in a safely secured fenced area.  

What Kind Of Dog Food Is Best For Lakeland Terriers?

Before we start with the food lists, just know that grain-free dog foods are a myth. There’s zero science showing that they are helpful. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that it’s causing issues in certain breeds of dogs. Food allergies are the only reason to even consider a grain-free diet but only choose one with the help of your veterinarian.

Best Puppy Food For Lakeland Terriers:

Best Adult Food For Lakeland Terriers:

I do tend to recommend larger dog food manufacturers over the smaller, boutique-style dog foods. In 20 years of being a veterinarian, I’ve just seen less issues with the major dog foods versus these small companies. There are fewer recalls and I find that they are more cost effective.

My philosophy on dog food is that most foods are fine for most dogs except in cases where a dog has a specific issue that requires a specialized dog food. For the vast majority of pet owners, the above foods are an excellent choice.

How Long Do Lakeland Terriers Live?

12-15 years according to information from the AKC

What Health Problems Do Lakeland Terriers Have?

The Lakeland Terrier has been a very healthy breed and there aren’t any health conditions that the dog is known for. That being said, every dog can develop conditions like obesity, allergies, arthritis, and dental disease. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian over any concerns you may have about your Lakie.

Where Can I Learn More About Lakeland Terriers?

The national breed club is the United States Lakeland Terrier Club

AKC Breed Page

Where Can I Find a Lakeland Terrier?

Even though this breed of dog is popular as a working dog and a family dog, it is not a very common dog breed. Those wanting to find a Lakie puppy may have difficulty and may be forced to wait six months or up to a year to find a breeder. Of course, before choosing a breeder, be sure to vet the breeder and their puppies thoroughly. You will want to meet all of the puppies if possible. Choose a puppy who is lively and adventurous but never overly aggressive or shy.

United States Lakeland Terrier Club maintains a breeder listing page

Also check out the AKC Puppy Marketplace Page

It may also be possible to adopt a Lakie who needs a forever home. Several rescue organizations throughout the country specialize in this unique dog breed. Visiting the Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association, the Lakeland Terrier Rescue, or the United States Lakeland Terrier Club may be able to help locate a Lakie in need of a home close to you. Adopting a rescue dog not only helps a dog in need but also can find you the dog of your dreams.  

Fun Facts about the Lakeland Terrier

  • This breed of dog was developed in North England’s Lake District. They were originally bred to help protect sheep from foxes in the area that preyed on them.  
  • Like many terriers, the Lakie tends to get possessive with its belongings, especially around toys and food. Be sure to start obedience training early to help break these habits.  
  • While this breed of dog was popular with farmers to protect their sheep, many miners also owned Lakeland Terriers. The little dogs were used for sport and were great at digging for rodents like rats, rabbits, or badgers.  
  • It is believed that the Lakeland Terrier is related to several common Terrier breeds. Genetics have traced the Lakie to the Old English Black and Tan Terrier, the Border Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, and the Dandie Dinmont.  
  • A Lakie named Ch. Revelry’s Awesome Blossom was a very famous dog, winning over 100 Best-in-Show awards, making her one of the most winning dogs of all time. Bill Cosby and Jean L. Heath dually owned the dog.