Best Dog Breeds | Top 10 Breeds Easily Taught & Trained for kids & Family 2019 -2020

Best Dog Breeds For Kids, Family and Home

The term best dog breeds are widely used. It is more relative which means it is more as per the likes of the pet owners. The dog registered as the highest breed among all dogs by the different kennel clubs may not actually give the same happiness to a pet owner when compared to a cross breed dog which is unregistered as a breed. There are about 375 breed of dogs worldwide. There are official Kennel clubs of several countries which perform the role of registering dog pedigree, managing and overseeing dog shows, working trials. It manages all issues related to dog activity and lobbies for canine rights issues worldwide.

Some of the well-known Kennel clubs are – The Kennel Club of United Kingdom, American kennel club, Australian National Kennel council, Canadian Kennel club, Canine federation of Canada, New Zealand Kennel Club etc.

Pet Owner Purchase Tip:-

There are pet owners who purchase purebred breeds and there are those who purchase mixed breeds. Groups like American Kennel Club, The United Kingdom Kennel Club make specific buying recommendations on breeds and cross breeds and there are new breeds that keep on coming which are not part of the records of these Kennel clubs. But in spite of this, pet dog lovers make the buys according to their liking’s. In some cases, the need to have a good and loyal family dog becomes the most important factors and breeds may not be considered very closely.

The desired qualities in a best dog breeds includes:-

  • Intelligence 
  • Ability to fast training
  • Watch dog 
  • Obedient and Discipline
  • Controlled behavior with outsiders and strangers
  • Shedding habits
  • Looks and size
  • Speed and Agility
  • Adjusting with all age groups of the owner family

Based on the worldwide ratings of pet owners and the approved standards of kennel clubs all over the world, including the United Kennel club International, the top 10 best Dog breeds can be rated as given.


Top 10 Best Dog Breeds List of 2020

Antolian Sheperd dog

Mixed Dog Breeds

  • As mentioned earlier, mixed breed dogs are outranked by several dog pedigree institutions and kennel clubs but they are becoming popular day by day in terms of their behavior to their families.
  • The biggest advantage is that being cross breeds they do not inherit genetic diseases of their purebred parents and before that.
  • Owning mixed breed from shelter centers will make them easier to vaccinate them and neuter or spay them.
  • It also has a social angle of helping unwanted pets and reducing pet overpopulation. 
  • These are family dogs, companion dogs and also have other utility values like being a guide for blind people and service dogs for autistic affected people.
  • They are highly intelligent and obedient by breed.
  • This makes them friendly with children of all ages and also to adults.
  • Being intelligent dogs the Labradors have an understanding ability and are used for official work like police and law agencies.
  • The breed is popular in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc.

Welsh Corgis

  • One of the most loved and popular dog breed in almost all countries of the world. It is also called as the Alsatian.
  • These is a truly a best dog breeds which is loyal to its owners, obedient, courageous and very protective of their owners.
  • They are big, good looking and majestic.
  • They also have service value and are used by law enforcement agencies and even military.
  • These are small dogs which are completely family and companion dogs.
  • The corgis are very playful with children and they are slightly cautious in their behavior with strangers.
  • These breeds of dogs are more prevalent in the United Kingdom.
  • Taking care of them is also easy except for the fact that they slightly overeat.
  • The life span is 10 to 14 years.


  • This is again another breed which comes in the top ten best dog breeds for home.
  • They are family companion dogs as well as service and utility dogs.
  • Being intelligent they are used for purposes like sniffing of bags at airports etc.
  • Being friendly in appearance it does not frighten strangers.
  • The beagle does not inherit health problems and they are very friendly with children.


  • They are small sized dog breeds which are only family dogs and child friendly.
  • They are fun loving and easy to train.
  • Although small sized they are protective of their owner family members and are equally sensitive to strangers and other animals.
  • The poodle breed is very large and has owners in all class of people.
  • It is an energetic fun loving breed.


  • Huskies are Siberian origin dogs which have known for their good and impressive looks.
  • They are lovable dogs to children but sometimes have a tendency to run away as they are used to open space. They have strong eyes and their shedding is very less.
  • These dogs require a lot of exercise.

Golden Retriever

  • These are household names in the family dog breeds.
  • Its known as house dogs breeds.
  • They are known for their fun loving and over friendly nature and have high companionship.
  • They also have service value and are sometimes used for fowl hunting.


  • The perfect small sized family dog which for all age groups.
  • They are friendly to all members of owners.
  • It is easy to take of them due to their small space and low shedding.

New Found land dogs​​​

  • The perfect family dog  which is very gentle and at the same time are good in swimming.
  • They are used for rescue purposes.

Final Words:-

Mixed breed puppies are another type of dogs. They are born out of two different types of dog breeds and have combined behavior pattern. Although they are less costly, one major minus point in mixed breed is that it will be difficult to predict how the dog grows up over the years. But mixed breed dogs are also popular and lot of people buy them.

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