About Dr. Jules

Welcome to Dog Breeds Central, your source for unbiased, honest information pertaining to everything about dogs!

Dr. Jules took over this blog in 2019 when she saw it as an opportunity to give free, honest information to pet owners around the world.  She grew up completely devoted to dogs and learned as much about them as she could from a very early age.

Her very first job was as a kennel and veterinary assistant at a very large animal hospital in Georgia when she was 16 years old. The kennel could hold over 300 animals at its highest capacity and Julie gained invaluable inexperience with many different kinds of dogs for the years she worked there.

It was this love that took her to veterinary school. Upon graduation she worked in North Carolina and Colorado treating thousands of dogs over her career. In 2006 she became a partner in the veterinary clinic that she worked and, in 2020, was a co-founder and managing partner in that clinic’s new dog boarding facility.

Her other dog-related professional activities include working with her local police department managing the care of the K9 Drug Dog unit since 2016 as well as an Evaluating Veterinarian for the Prescription Pet Program with Children’s Hospital of Denver since 2011.

Herself the owner of 5 very different dogs now and many before these, Dr. Jules knows dogs!

*** Dr. Jules is not your vet, nor is she allowed to give veterinary advice about your specific pet online. A valid doctor-patient must be established and that can not happen over the internet.